Cleveland Federal Reserve donates more than 300 laptops to CSU

In response to a request by Cleveland State University President Harlan Sands, the Cleveland Federal Reserve donated 348 used laptops to Cleveland State on March 16 to assist students with online instruction while they learn from home during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

The Cleveland Federal Reserve replaces its employees’ laptops every three years, during which time they are subject to everyday use. The used laptops are usually discarded, but that does not mean they cannot be of further use to a student in need. Brian Williams, vice president of Information Technology at the Cleveland Federal Reserve, said donating the laptops aligned with the bank’s mission.

“The Fed’s mission is to help the public to some degree,” Williams said. “Typically, we would destroy most of that equipment or resell it, but in this case, we wanted to help the community.”

Thomas Zmozynski, Cleveland Federal Reserve manager of IT, added that this was not a common gesture for the bank.

“I’ve been with the bank for quite a long time and it’s rare that the bank would do something like that,” Zmozynski said. “I think that the situation required it. Because of the extraordinary circumstances, the bank responded.”

Cleveland State will be responsible for installing operating systems on the laptops and distributing them to students in need. With the help from the Cleveland Federal Reserve, they will have made it possible for 348 more students to continue their education during the coronavirus crisis.

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